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Criminal Investigation


Our experienced investigators work closely with attorneys, both Special Public Defenders and those with their own practice, by interviewing witnesses, reviewing reports and gathering any other evidence or information that would helpful to their case. We pride ourselves on professionalism and understand the need for confidentiality in the legal community. We work along side attorneys and keep them involved in the progress of their case. We provide weekly update reports until the case is closed.

Bring the Truth to Light with Exceptional Investigations from Our Private Investigators

Clue in to the truth about your legal case with in-depth investigations and video surveillance cameras from our private investigators in New Haven, Connecticut. Advanced Investigations is well-equipped to handle everything from surveillance services and loss prevention cases to background searches. We use the latest high-tech gadgetry to ensure the accuracy of our results and provide the best, most professional presentation of our findings. Contact us today for an initial consultation about any of our investigative services.

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