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Computer Forensics


There are two aspects to the type of Computer Forensics that our company can do:

1. Investigate where people have been on the internet and what websites they have visited. Find out if your spouse has been visiting a dating website while you are away on business trips. Or determine whether your employees are doing personal business while on company time.

2. Block websites on networks that are associated with your home or business. Keep your employees off of Facebook while they are on the clock!


Bring the Truth to Light with Exceptional Investigations from Our Private Investigators

Clue in to the truth about your employee, spouse, or legal case with in-depth investigations and video surveillance cameras from our private investigators in New Haven, Connecticut. Advanced Investigations is well-equipped to handle everything from surveillance services and loss prevention cases to background searches. We have many years of combined experience and use the latest high-tech gadgetry. Contact us today for an initial consultation about any of our investigative services.

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