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  • Sep 30 / 2014
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Four Things Burglars Don’t Want You To Know!


1. When you think of burglars you think of the “professional” ones who know exactly how to get into your house, get what they want, and leave. The reality is these types of burglars are becoming less common. The type of burglars that you need to be worried about are the amateur, low key ones that blend in with your everyday life. Studies indicate that the “easy” burglaries are usually committed by young males that live in the neighborhood.

2. One of the obvious pieces of information that burglars don’t want you to know is how they do what they do. What most people don’t know is how exactly burglars go about finding their way into your house and taking whatever they can find. Despite common belief, many burglars hide out in the open. Many will find a house that they have targeted and park their cars around the block. They will walk right up to the door and sometimes even ring the doorbell! If someone answers, they often will pretend to be selling something or ask for “directions” to another house. If nobody answers, on the other hand, they then will proceed to scope out the house to find the easiest way to enter without causing too much of a commotion. A lesson to learn from this NEVER let “salesman” into your home. A smart idea would be to meet them outside to discuss whatever it is that they want.

3. So how are you targeted? Location and appearance have all to do with the way that a burglar targets a house. For obvious reasons, it is less likely that a house on the corner of the street will be burglarized due to the location and activity around. Houses located in the middle of the street seem to be more likely to be at risk. Burglars go off of appearance. Many burglars pay attention to whether or not your home looks as though you pay attention to it. As crazy as it sounds, if your lawn looks well cut and taken care of, it may have an impact on the safety of your house. A house that looks run down gives off the impression that it is easy to gain access inside and/ or that you may be less likely to realize if objects go missing. Houses in cul-de-sacs are at a higher risk than many for home burglaries due to low activity from not only other people passing by, but also police patrol.

4. So how do you stop your home from looking so appealing to the burglar looking for his next target? Well the first piece of advice would be to get your home security camera system installed today so that you can watch your home from anywhere around the world directly from your smartphone. Besides that, you can do other things such as not advertising your business on social media. Whether your page is private or not, there are still people on the internet that can see that you are in New York for the weekend, thanks to Facebook’s new “tagging” feature. By telling your friends,you are welcoming people to know that your house is going to be left unattended for an extended period of time. Not a very smart idea! Another precaution is to make sure that you have locks on all doors and even windows especially those on ground level. The next step of this is to make sure that they are actually being locked! They won’t work if you don’t use them properly. Lastly, if someone were to enter your home looking for objects of value to take, they are going to look in common places such as the master bedroom, the dresser, nightstand, etc. Try keeping things in places less common such as medicine cabinets, children’s bedrooms, etc. These are only a few precautions, but they are a good place to start

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