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  • Sep 30 / 2014
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Stopping Employee Theft In Your Business

employee theft

Loss Prevention is the precautions or practices that a company takes to ensure that there is little to no loss within their business. Many times in both small and large companies, there is employee theft. Although we see it more within larger companies, it still happens in smaller companies more than it should. If you feel that your company is coming up short in profits and that something is not right, then you need to GET ANSWERS!

The best way to prevent loss within your company is to call a Private Investigator who specializes in Loss Prevention. You should discuss your situation with this investigator and go over all of your options. When it comes to Loss Prevention, there are many different strategies to either catch your dishonest employees, or just make sure that you are not losing money in areas that are unnecessary. One service that could definitely benefit your company would be to install Security Cameras. Whether they are covert cameras that are installed inside the facility to watch your employees, or outside of the building to monitor for burglars, etc. they will help tremendously. If you don’t think that installing a camera system would help you, then maybe something such as a Secret Shopper service would be better. Send “customers” to your business and see how your employees treat them and if they are following the rules and protocols that they should be. Find out what goes on behind the scenes in your business!

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