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7 Financial Signs Your Spouse is Cheating on You

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7 Financial Signs Your Spouse is Cheating on You


1. Cash Withdrawals are More Frequent 

Increased cash withdrawal could be a sign that your spouse is avoiding leaving a paper trail of their expenses. If your spouse is making excessive cash withdrawals close to their home or office, this could be a sign that they are spending money in places that they do not wish to be traced back to.

2. Online Banking Passwords Have Been Changed

Financial transparency in a relationship is often a sign of trust. If your spouse suddenly changes passwords to online banking accounts that you had previously had access to, you have reason to further investigate their motives.

3. Increased Gas Expenses and Transactions in New Neighborhoods

Excessive driving, or sudden increased gas fill-ups should raise concern. An effective way to investigate your spouse’s recent driving activity is to examine the locations of their gas fill-ups, as well as their toll payments. If you notice that your spouse is spending money in unfamiliar neighborhoods, it is more than likely that they are having an affair.

4. New Junk Mail/Bank Statements Arrive at Home

If you  notice that you’re suddenly receiving mail from unfamiliar credit card companies, this could be a sign that your spouse has opened new, separate accounts. Additionally, if your spouse suddenly takes control of sorting through mail, this could also be a sign that they are monitoring incoming bills that they don’t want you to see.

5. Your Spouse Claims to Be Working Longer House With No Increased Income

Hourly workers would be getting paid over-time for their extra hours, and salaried workers are also entitled to monetary reward. If your spouse uses the common excuse that they are working late or at odd hours, taking a look at their paycheck could give you insight to the validity of their claims.

6. Expenses on Household Necessities Get Stricter

A spouse suddenly becoming stricter about household finances could be a sign that they are hiding their own spending habits. Additionally, if your partner begins to become increasingly involved in household finances, you should begin to examine their recent spending habits and examine any unusual circumstances. A spouse having an affair would be cautious in spending their money due to their increased spending habits.

7. Finding Receipts for Items You Never See

If you find that your spouse has receipts for restaurants, taxi cabs, or items that never make it into your home, this could be a major indicator of an affair. Though your spouse may hide their trail of expenses by paying in cash, searching for receipts is an effective way of monitoring how their money is being spent.

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