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6 Ways to Identify a Social Media Affair

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6 Ways to Identify a Social Media Affair


Online communication has become a vital part of our social media lives since the evolution of text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Developing relationships over social media has become so common that over the past 5 years, divorce attorneys have experienced a significant increase in the use of social media networking as evidence in their cases. But why do social media affairs happen so frequently? And what can we do to stop them from interfering with our existing relationships?


1. Your Spouse is More Committed to Checking Their Online Accounts Than Ever Before

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have granted us with the power to have instant gratification. With the ability to constantly check in with people all over the world, it becomes easy to obsess over who may be peeking into our lives. If your spouse is consistently checking in on his/her social media accounts, interacting with specific “friends” or “followers,” it may be a sign that your spouse is communicating with someone that they don’t want you to know about. Additionally, communication through social media is untraceable on phone bills, making it easier for cheating spouses to maintain relationships without the fear of being found out.

2. Your Spouse Has a Strict Password-Protected Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone

Trust and transparency are essential components to any relationship. If your spouse is constantly password-protecting their devices, it is likely that they are restricting you from access to their hidden social media lives. Spouses who have experienced social media affairs are driven by the illusion of secrecy. If your spouse or lover is not willing to let you handle their devices, this is a huge indication that there may be a problem.

3. Your Spouse Maintains a Friendly Online-Only Relationship

One major reason why social media affairs have become so common is the appeal of anonymity. With the use of e-mail, text messages, and communication apps, communication has altered in ways that make it easy for us to live secret lives. Online-only affairs are extremely dangerous to existing relationships because of the reality that it is much easier to communicate online than face-to-face. If your spouse claims to be maintaining an online relationship, they may be having an emotional affair rather than a physical one.

4. Your Spouse Has Facebook Friends, or Followers That You Are Unfamiliar With

In a relationship, it is likely that you are aware of your significant other’s close friends, family members, or acquaintances. If your spouse sporadically gains Facebook Friends or “followers” that you are unfamiliar with, this could be a sign that your spouse is using their online presence to receive attention you may not approve of.

5. Your Spouse Regularly Deletes His/Her Internet, Phone Call, or Text History

If your spouse is obsessively on his/her computer, phone, or tablet, and regularly deletes website or text history, it is likely that they are hiding something. Most of us, who are regularly on our devices, normally do not think twice about deleting our recent conversations; therefore, a huge indicator of an unfaithful spouse is when he/she is significantly aware of any information that could indicate infidelity. Look out for apps like CATE (Call and Text Eraser App) that allows users to delete their history with one click.

6. Your Spouse Uses Sneaky Phone and Messaging Apps 

Apps like Kik, WhatsApp, Viber, make phone calls and text messaging easy for unfaithful spouses; however, sneakier apps like Slydial and Tiger Text make it difficult to detect exactly who your partner is contacting. Look out for Slydial, that allows users to directly access a contact’s voice mailbox without having the phone even ring, and Tiger Text that allows users to send text messages with a deletion timer. Your spouse using sneaky apps on their smartphones or tablet is a major red flag, and further investigation is warranted.

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